4 comments on “Waiting for Information

  1. Michael, I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts…….and I hope they continue next year! As a season ticket holder who witnessed the Vandy
    game, I am ready for changes whatever they may be. Again, thank you and hope to hear from you as information comes out.

  2. While we’re waiting to hear if there will be any changes coming about for our program, let’s talk about our Big 4 brother. Do you have any immediate reactions or opinions on the recently announced openings at NCSU or BC? I was not caught too off guard by the firing of ToB (State fans have been complaining for awhile); and maybe I missed the uproar in Chestnut Hill, so wasn’t expecting Spaziani to be gone (I get it, just wasn’t thinking about BC). I think State goes after a head coach, but not sure about BC. Being a NC native, I just don’t know the landscape of college fball in the NE and what their fanbase is demanding.

    • Charlie,

      This is the worst time of year as a player, fan, coach, or former player. Speculations come from everywhere, as do rumors, and I don’t wish to start any of those.

      As far as NC State and BC are concerned. I think that both programs had to fire their coaches.

      O’Brien was given a huge budget and had plenty of talent, Russell Wilson(whom he sent out of the program) and didn’t win enough. The Fans in Raleigh love their football and I think that coaching vacancy will be an attractive one. State has some of the best facilities in the ACC, If not the entire country, and will be gunning for a big name hire.

      BC is a tricky situation. Spaziani has been there for 16 years and undoubtedly loves that program. Obviously his stint as a head coach didn’t work out, but I’m sure that firing was extremely hard for that administration. He has been around to help with some great Eagle’s teams.

      The Eagles, much like State, had no choice but to relieve their coaches of duty. The expectations at State have become higher and the football atmosphere/fan attitude around any team in Boston is enough to get you fired quickly up there.

      Ultimately, I think both teams made the right moves and that you will see State come away with a more impressive hire. BC is a tough sell right now with their recent struggles and lack of talent. Both schools could potentially pull off big coaching hires, but I see it more likely to happen at NC State.

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