2 comments on “Notre Dame Visitor’s Guide

  1. If you do go to the College Football Hall of Fame be sure to checkout the decade of 2000s, specifically 2006. There’s a great picture from the ACC Championship Game and it was on the team buses at the Orange Bowl. Very cool and its well worth the trip.

    Go Deacs!

  2. What an excellent write-up Michael. I won’t be making the trip, but you’ll given the ones that are some great information!

    It depresses me to think how these 2 teams that met last year have gone in such different directions. As you know far too well, we played Notre Dame very tough last year at BB&T field and had a great chance to win that game. I remember coming away from that game thinking I couldn’t wait until next year and take another shot at them in South Bend. However, seeing the problems we’re having especially on offense right now and seeing how good ND’s defense is, I fear what will happen to our Deacs on national TV. I always hold out some hope and I sure hope I’m wrong though!

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