15 comments on “Taking It For Granted

  1. Excellent! I have been waiting for you to address this issue. Your point of view aside, you delivered a powerful message with an inside perspective, in a short-straightforward, easily understood format that left a lasting impression! Save this one. Lou

    • Thanks Lou! Sorry I am a little late addressing this issue. I have been out of town and I also wanted to really compile my thoughts before I blurted out something inappropriate.

  2. Very nicely done. Agree that locker room leadership is the difference between 5-1 and 3-3 + 8 suspensions. Hopefully those that need it get on track and don’t waste their opportunity. And hopefully a leader(s) steps up and says “this will not happen again on my team”

    • I agree with you. At this point it is up to the players to help each other realize what is important. Coaches can only say so much to get through to the players. Sometimes it takes the players talking to each other to make a difference.

  3. Thanks so much for your honest commentary on the recent situation. Wake Athletics has turned out many fine young men and women….you being one of them. It’s easy to forget that when a few mess up along the way. Many more turn out well than don’t. Some of these who mess up along the way will also turn out well in the end…some just choose a rougher path to get there and may have to learn some hard lessons along the way. Proud of you Michael! GO DEACS!

    • Thanks Dean! Unfortunately guys do mess up, but it’s always a matter of how badly they mess up (AKA will they be kicked off the team) and how they respond from it. There is a reason the TV show “Scared Straight” has so many viewers. People will either learn from their mistakes and right the ship or they will continue to make the same mistakes.

      • True Michael. Let’s hope they learn from their mistakes. Unfortunately mistakes like these always hurt more people surrounding them. This time it’s the whole team who are hurt by the mistakes of a few. I hope others are watching and will learn also. Thanks again for your post.

    • Thanks…I hope so too. Many of them follow me on twitter and I posted it there. I guess we will find out in the following weeks.

  4. This is a great blog Michael – I enjoy reading it! Very true about appreciating what you have. Things can always be worse ;-)

  5. Michael, thank you for putting yourself on the line in this way…after all you “are” a teammate for most of these guys! Hopefully they will give serious thought to your insights. I realize that it is not possible; but most college kids (dare I say, particularly scholarship athletes) would be well served to work a year in the real world right out of high school. Most would not take the blessings of college and collegiate athletics as anything ordinary if they did so.

    Hopefully, the guys who messed up will prove their manhood by admitting their misdeeds and paying whatever price possible to make it up to the team.

    • Thanks Gary. I wish I didn’t have to write about this, but it is indeed necessary. I like your idea on kids working before getting to college, but it will probably never happen. The NCAA and individual coaching staffs need to find a way to get through to these players.

      I say that, but the NFL is having just as hard of a time as the college coaches. Athletes tend to be very stubborn and born with a mindset of invincibility. It is part of what makes them so successful, but also causes lots of problems.

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