9 comments on “aWAKEn The Post-Game: UNC Edition

  1. Great analysis! The tackling issue is troublesome. It is great to get in position to make stops, but it is of little value if you can’t bring the guy down. UNC was killing us on the edges for awhile. Pressure on the QB is so important in pass defense…hopefully that will continue to improve.

    • Thanks! I agree 100% They did get us outside a little bit, but nothing that killed us. Our pass rush can definitely still get better, but much improved already. We are playing behind the line of scrimmage a lot right now. That’s a good thing!

  2. Mike — welcome to life on the other side of the chalk, and thanks for sticking around. That’s serious dedication to commute every weekend! Agree with your comments on Hazime, I was really impressed with him last night. Do you have any insight into Nikita’s ankle sprain — is it a high sprain?

    Also, slightly unrelated, I’ve heard Riley Skinner’s take on the new helmet rule. What are your thoughts on it? I’m not a fan…I get the spirit of the rule, but I think the execution has potential to impact the game outcome in ways never intended. I’m also concerned that opposing teams are going to start targeting key playmakers during crucial drives in an attempt to get them out of the game.

      • I don’t know if it was deliberate in all of the helmets that came off (which was a ton), but I know in the Souza incident it was deliberate. I had a front row view of it…it was a cheap shot and he got away with it.

    • Thanks Charlie! I had to jump at the opportunity to stay near the Deacs. The only thing Hazime didn’t do last night was get an interception and block a kick. He did everything else. As far as Nikita is concerned, I know it’s an ankle sprain. X-rays were negative(they did them during the game) so that should be good news, but I’m not sure if it’s a high ankle or not. I certainly hope he can make it back this week. He’s the heart and soul of that defense.

      I didn’t hear Skinner’s reaction to the helmet rule, but I imagine based on your response that he agreed with it? Personally, I agree with the rule. I was on the receiving end of a concussion my junior year, so I know how dangerous it can be. With all the research coming out on brain trauma the NCAA cannot take that risk. I do,however, think they need to allow the referees to use their judgement on the play. Plays like the one involving Frank Souza (Had his helmet ripped off after the play) should result in a penalty for the other team or the referee should allow the player to put his helmet back on. Otherwise, I think you are right, teams will target star players. Thanks for reading…I really enjoy the discussion.


  3. Just found this blog and wanted to say I am looking forward to reading alot of great things from you this year. Also appreciate your point of view. Good luck with this and will definitely be tuning in to see what you have to say. Go Deacs!

    Btw, this is kind of off the wall, but being down on the field, how did the crowd sound in the 4th quarter? I know Wake has a small stadium and it wasn’t completely filled Sat. against UNC, but at times on the t.v., it sounded pretty good and sounded like folks were into the game. Thanks.

    • Cliff,

      Thanks for Reading, I’m hoping my point of view will be a new one for you guys. The stadium was rocking pretty good in the fourth quarter Saturday. Having played there the last 5 years I can say it was definitely one of the louder games at the stadium, even without a capacity crowd. I’m still waiting to hear it louder than it was in 2007 for our huge comeback win against Maryland! And that stadium was almost empty.

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